The following are the seven key factors that your franchise prototype approach needs to take into account:
• Main Goals

• Strategic Plans

• People strategy,

. Marketing strategy,

. Systems strategy,

. organizational strategy,

. and management strategy

Your plan will be optimized for the highest degree of success by focusing on these 7 areas. We will discuss the first three in this post.
Principal Objective
Setting objectives and having an outlook on the future are critical components of business development. This needs to be more than just business; you also need to think about what you want out of life. What’s on your mind in dreams? How do you envision the course of your success? Acknowledging and comprehending these points will provide you with the drive to commence and the endurance to finish. For a continuous reminder of your objectives, even spend a minute writing them out and taping it to your desk.
Strategic Goals
These are necessary if you want to grow your company from just surviving. Each of these goals should provide a way to achieve your main objective. While there are other tools available for creating strategic objectives, here are a few of the most widely used ones:
1. Cash: Establishing financial objectives is a straightforward yet effective method of monitoring your progress at any given time. It’s easy to find modifications to help achieve this aim and to measure.

2. Meritorious Opportunities: You should evaluate whether a partnership or other business opportunity will advance your main goal before pursuing it. The best opportunities are those that you should take seriously.

The secret to defining standards and objectives is to avoid restricting or overstressing yourself. You must identify some measurable indicators of your progress toward your main goal.

These are only two suggestions; the most important thing is to pay attention to the details, which is one of the main keys to your success, no matter what criteria you establish.

Corporate Strategy
It is crucial to invest the necessary time in creating a strong foundation upon which your firm can expand, since the efficacy of your organizational plan has the power to either make or break your enterprise. A firm is typically structured around the jobs and responsibilities that need to be handled on a daily basis, as well as the types of personalities needed to carry out these tasks.

Regardless of the duties and responsibilities you have assigned to your staff, you should always maintain a clear separation between your personal goals and the mission statement of your organization. Having determined your company’s main goal, creating a functional job structure will be simple.

Make sure you create position contracts. A contract outlining each employee’s duties and responsibilities should be signed by them. This keeps them identifiable to you as the worker, other workers, vendors, and other people.
It is evident how these domains come together to form a strong foundation upon which your business can be built. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need assistance defining any of these categories.

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