Today, we’ll look at ways you convert prospects into clients and keep them around for more marketing initiatives. You need to figure out how to convert those prospects into customers while your marketing activities are identifying prospects. To attract prospects and close the deal, there are a few essential strategies. You must be:

• affable;

• enlightening;

• entertaining.

The dreaded buyer’s regret is what most new consumers are most afraid of. This is something you want to avoid at all costs, and if you have given your potential clients a high-quality product or service that lives up to your marketing promises, you should be able to lessen their negative feelings.
Buyer regret is still conceivable, though. There are two approaches to handling it:
• Make a money-back guarantee without asking questions

• Provide a bonus or free present that the consumer may retain even if they return the item.

These offers will ease consumer regret because you have gained the customer’s trust merely by providing these two items.
Other strategies to convert a prospect into a customer include the following:
1. Offer a special price so you may test the market

2. Offer a cheaper price to push inventory in order to pay for your children’s braces, a tax bill, or any other concrete purpose. Customers will enjoy that you’ve humanized yourself for them, so do that
3. Provide a referral bonus;

4. Provide a less expensive, smaller product at first to foster confidence
5. Provide bundle deals.

6. Provide a first purchase discount in exchange for a commitment to make additional purchases
7. If an order is placed by a specific date, provide greater incentives, extended warranties, and/or free bonuses
8. Provide finance alternatives, if any.

9. Provide a bonus in the event that they make a full payment
10. Provide choices for unique packing or delivery;
11. Provide incentives with the option to “name your own price”

12. Provide comparative information or other tools for comparison

13. Provide a trade-up or upgrade to an existing item
14. Provide them with more instructive facts to help them decide.

Depending on your level of ingenuity, the possibilities are truly endless. These and other suggestions might help you determine what is most effective for your company, goods and/or services, and intended audience. Recall that you may outperform the competition by providing an appealing, simple, informative, non-threatening, instructional, inspiring, and enjoyable business environment- Jay Abraham.

Do you need assistance choosing the most effective plan of action to turn prospects into paying customers?

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