Congratulations on completing the “How We Can Identify Your Low Hanging Fruit” video. With the help of the revised physical / emotional worksheet, you should now have a clearly defined profile of the physical and emotional characteristics that define your target customer… and you have selected your preferred niche market based on your individual passion.

By completing this crucial first fundamental, you’re now positioning your business so that it’s “unique.” This is the first step toward separating your business from your competition, and will enable you to later dominate your market.

Now comes the second critical business fundamental that will position your business as the only business in your industry that truly offers extraordinary value. You’re going to map out your target customer’s thought process.

You’re going to identify the typical hot buttons your prospects experience within your niche market… You’re going to analyze whether or not you currently offer a solution for those various issues. You’re going to ask yourself what more COULD you do in the way of innovation that will make your business a no-brainer choice for your prospects to do business with. And you’re going to list all the benefits your prospects will realize once they use your innovations.

The link below will provide you with a video presentation that highlights this step-by-step process. Why is this important? This creates extraordinary value, and it compels your prospects to buy from you… and you alone. In fact, your prospects will quickly realize that they would be an absolute fool if they bought what you sell from anyone else but you.

The information covered in this video presentation is designed to prepare you for next week’s video, and to help you:

Remember that this presentation is a vital component required for business success, so take your time and really learn the information covered. Watch several times if you need to.

To access the “How and Why Your Ideal Customers Decide To Buy What You Sell” visit:
(You may have to copy and paste the link into your browser).


To your success,

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

P.S. All previous video presentations are accessible to you any time you would like to review the information.

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