To put it simply, the Rule of 1% states that you should improve customer service 1% at a time. You can’t achieve this progress unless you first perfect consistency, which is a prerequisite. While one percent might not seem like much, if you approach your company’s objective in modest steps, you could end up with a significant gain over an extended period of time. Recall that this is a marathon, not a sprint.
Refrain from taking on too much at once as this will only lead to disappointment. Pay attention to the self-assurance that you and your staff will feel as your company grows by one percent every week. You’ll be almost 50% better at the end of the year!

While guidelines and expectations are vital for development, maintain flexibility while dealing with your best clients. To lower the risk of stealing, most clothing businesses only permit a certain amount of things into a dressing room. Nevertheless, this basic restriction usually keeps out the vast majority of customers who do not shoplift and do not pose a risk to your business. The secret to what you provide to your clients is flexibility; the secret to how you deliver it is consistency.

In the end, clients depend on you to fulfill your promises. Even the best-laid plans will fall flat and you will fail if you overspend on gaudy advertising that promises more than you can provide.

Pay attention to your goal and the small measures you may take to turn your pleased clients into raving fans.
I hope you now have a solid understanding of the importance of providing excellent customer service to your business. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance if you need help with any of the stages we’ve covered in the last four courses.
We will discuss methods for attracting and keeping large clientele in future posts.

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