We talked about identifying your clients’ needs and desires in our last piece so they can have a satisfying buying experience. We’ll discuss Deliver +1 today and how it can improve your customer service to a whole new level. I’ve chosen to divide this piece into two parts; the 1% Rule will be covered in the next one.

The secret to any excellent customer service encounter is consistency. Going above and beyond the standard customer care experience is necessary if you want to turn your happy customers into Raving Fans.
Three strategies exist for fostering consistency:
Don’t provide too many options for client service.
Sometimes we lose sight of our initial goal because we are too preoccupied with satisfying consumer demands. Rather, remain loyal to your mission and provide one or two excellent customer service strategies that will help you stand out from the competitors.
Before you add anything new, you must optimize the systems you now use. Nothing is more problematic than starting a new software before you’ve even gotten the kinks out of an outdated one.

Establish reliable systems.
You must have a mechanism in place to carry out your offering flawlessly each and every time after you have decided what it is that you will give. This system must use technology that ensures a great experience each and every time, together with the right people in the proper roles. Results are what matter, and in the end, that means the consumer is satisfied.

The secret lies in good training.
After implementing your system, you must train users on how to utilize it effectively. This enables your staff to offer the outcomes that your clients desire. Although training is necessary for the system to function and for all of your employees to work together harmoniously, gratitude will go a long way.

I hope you now have a better understanding of what it takes to set up a top-notch customer support system. Get in touch with me if you need assistance so I can provide you with a plethora of tools, resources, and coaching.

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