Congratulations on completing “Creating Your Sales Process Part 2” video. You’re now well on your way to creating a competition-crushing marketing program for your business.

We explained that your sales process consists of three vital components… lead generation, lead qualification and lead conversion. And within those components you find your distribution channels, strategies and tactics. When you know and understand all of these, and the role each of them plays in your overall sales process, you now have a solid foundation upon which to build a competition-dominating marketing program.

But now let’s begin to complete the process. Let’s give you a fool-proof process that will make sure the channels, strategies and tactics you select will be the right ones for your specific business.

In today’s video presentation, we’re going to teach you Process Mapping and Process Scheduling. We’ll go over specific examples so they provide you with a clear understanding of the vital role these play as you begin to create a competition-crushing marketing program.

The link below will provide you with a video presentation that provides a terrific overview of this third part of your sales process.

You will learn how to…

The video presentation will prepare you for next week’s video as we teach you a mapping process that will position you way ahead of your competition… and position your marketing program in a league of its own.

Remember that this presentation is a vital component required for business success, so take your time and really learn the information covered. Watch several times if you need to.

To access the “Creating Your Sales Process Part 3” visit:
(You may have to copy and paste the link into your browser).


To your success,

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

P.S. All previous video presentations are accessible to you any time you would like to review the information.

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