You Make Me Turn Around, Baby, Around

Franchises comprise the largest segment of turn-key enterprises. Every sector in the world has its own franchise. They come with an easy-to-assemble system that is pre-packaged and are reasonably easy to obtain. McDonald’s is a great illustration of a franchise company—more precisely, a 12-figure franchise with 38,000 locations. We will discuss the following topics: • […]

Creating Your Sales Process Part 1

Congratulations on completing “Creating Your Sales Process Part 1” video. You now know how to take that first, all important step toward creating a competition-crushing marketing program for your business. We explained that your sales process consists of three vital components… lead generation, lead qualification and lead conversion. When you know and understand these three […]

Instantaneously Convert Prospects into Customers!

Today, we’ll look at ways you convert prospects into clients and keep them around for more marketing initiatives. You need to figure out how to convert those prospects into customers while your marketing activities are identifying prospects. To attract prospects and close the deal, there are a few essential strategies. You must be: • affable; […]