Small Business

Cut the Red Tape Off

We discussed how to instil a big-company mindset in your team and business in our previous post. This will assist you in overcoming the mental barriers that will prevent you from succeeding. We’re going to talk about how to determine who your fish is now that you know how to go past that. Before you […]

Embrace a harmonious connection with the fish.

The previous essay initiated our series on acquiring significant clients, referred to as “fish”, that will support your firm in the long term. Today, we will delve deeper into the concept of adopting a mindset similar to that of a large corporation, and how this perspective can assist you in strategizing and achieving success. Before […]

Everything you have ever learned about lead generation and growing your business is wrong

Continuous learning, unlearning, and relearning are essential for business owners for numerous reasons: Adaptability: The business world is dynamic, with new developments, trends, technologies, and market shifts occurring all the time. Continuous learning allows business owners to keep abreast of these changes and adapt their strategies accordingly. Innovation: Learning new concepts, ideas, and strategies can […]

Do You See Things Correctly?

When preparing yourself and your business to approach the biggest clients you might ever deal with, there are a lot of things to think about. To start, let’s take a quick look at the three possible routes that a firm might take and determine which one will lead to success. Next, we’ll discuss the kind […]

Do You See a 1% Growth?

To put it simply, the Rule of 1% states that you should improve customer service 1% at a time. You can’t achieve this progress unless you first perfect consistency, which is a prerequisite. While one percent might not seem like much, if you approach your company’s objective in modest steps, you could end up with […]

Deliver +1

We talked about identifying your clients’ needs and desires in our last piece so they can have a satisfying buying experience. We’ll discuss Deliver +1 today and how it can improve your customer service to a whole new level. I’ve chosen to divide this piece into two parts; the 1% Rule will be covered in […]

An Additional Secret Disclosed

In our previous post, we discussed how to define your company’s goal and the first step in creating a strong customer service plan. We’ll talk about the second trick today—that will turn your satisfied consumers into enthusiastic fans. It’s critical that you understand what your clients desire. Get to know your clients so that you […]

I’m keeping it a secret.

A business’s ability to provide good customer service can make or break it. Customers quickly lose patience with unsatisfactory customer service and become impatient with lengthy wait times, attempts to speak with live agents, interrogations to return items, and difficulties communicating due to language barriers. If you give your clients an easy, quick, and enjoyable […]

Incorporate Some Compost

We discussed the first three of the seven key topics your franchise prototype process should take into account in our previous post. In case you forgot, they are: • Main Goals • Strategic Plans • People strategy, . Marketing strategy, . Systems strategy, . Organizational strategy, . And management strategy. Your plan will be optimized […]