Today, I want to talk about the many kinds of support workers that you will need and why they are so important.
In general, to position your company for success, you need to complete three crucial roles:
• The Manager; • The Technician; • The Entrepreneur

Different persons with the necessary skills must play each of these positions at the same time. It all comes down to balance.
The Maintenance Man
This individual stands for the here and now, as well as everything that has to be done to complete the procedural parts of starting a business. The “doer” is them. This individual is frequently the most noticeable member of the team.
The Supervisor
This individual strives to make things better by using lessons learned from the past as their rearview mirror. They are in charge of growing the company and managing the plans; they are the pragmatic aspect of the enterprise.
The Entertainer
This individual symbolizes the company’s vision and a symbol of the future. They are in charge of the creative aspect of the company and are constantly thinking of fresh approaches to improve branding, business image, and a host of other aspects of the company’s offerings.
Any firm that wants to succeed needs all three of these traits, therefore choosing the appropriate candidates for these positions early on will be crucial to building a strong foundation. Of course, you have to be one of these important individuals, but make sure the function you have is appropriate for your abilities and capabilities, not just what you think you should be doing.
This could be a challenging process to go through since you will have to give up some control over your company and put your faith in your employees to perform their duties as best they can.
Get in touch with me so I can assist you along the process and show you how to stay away from e-myths.

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